Wednesday, March 24, 2004

March 24, 2004
T-shirt slogans are pouring in right and left. Here’s a sampling:

Pancho Villa: “!Viva Villa!” (yeah, I know, corny but it's commersh)
—Bart Bull

Emiliano Zapata: “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” (aside from the genius Zapatista thing which is influential worldwide, he loved to wear full-charro, which would give you an excuse to illustrate it.)
—Bart Bull

“I'd like to see some Native American shirts. Maybe Chief Joseph with "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever". Or maybe Geronimo or Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull with the phrase ‘True Westerner’.”
—Mark Kilburn

“Here is one I would like to see on one of your New Shirts. ‘ARE YOU MY FRIEND?’ Do Holliday,with Wyatt behind Doc with a American Flag behind them on a flag pole etc. Maybe too political,maybe not.”
—TRUE WEST Fan in Missouri

I’m also getting more than a few reviews of the new HBO series Deadwood.

“Well, the show looks good, but as my grandma used to say, ‘Pink over stink.’”
—Emma Bull

“It’s a funny, tense and knowing depiction of human hope and evil from a time that we almost don’t recognize anymore because we’ve fed on so many faked-up film versions of it. It’s closer to Unforgiven and McCabe & Mrs. Miller that to John Ford—and it’s a welcome entry in the genre.”
—Shawn Levy, in Hollywood Life

“Sam Peckinpah does Good Friday.”
—Stephen King’s review of The Passion of the Christ

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