Tuesday, March 02, 2004

March 2, 2004
Really wrestling with the May cover. Strong opinions among the staff about which image to use. Down to two, our art director Dan Harshberger came out this morning and feels strongly the illustration of the Plains Indian on horseback jumping a locomotive is the strongest. Others disagree and prefer the “caught in the headlamp” image (see Feb. 27). I’m just bugged about my weak skills and feel both have problems.

At noon today, went to the weekly “liberal lunch” at Tuscan Cafe up in Cave Creek. Joined Jana B., my wife and Carole Glenn (it’s her and Bud’s 25th wedding anniversary today, he sent roses to the office. Awwwwwwww). Had the vegetarian sando and a decaf coffee ($46 cash, paid for Dan H., Robert R. and Meghan S’s lunch).

Came back after lunch and had a very good discussion about the cover. Bob Brink thinks the cover copy is weak (I wrote it) and so we threw out alternatives. RG, Meghan, Dan, Robert, Gus and I threw around a ton of ideas. Most of them tired and lame. How many times have you heard “The Coming of The Iron Horse” and “Making Tracks” and “Tracks Across America” and “The Train Kept Ah Comin’” (okay, we were getting buggy). We took a break and finally came up with something, although I want to sleep on it.

Dan perused the entire issue for design considerations and came into my office at 2:25. I told him I was going to redo the cover to make it more dynamic. Robert Ray is concerned when that will be. I told him tomorrow. We’ll see. I’m going home right now to do it (2:30)

”The secret of making one’s self tiresome is not to know when to stop.”

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