Friday, March 26, 2004

March 26, 2004
Just got off the phone with Theresa at Tri Star and she says we are going to probably sell out the new Classic Gunfights book in record time. She also told me they bought the back cover of Wild West and of course I had all sorts of petty, jealous things to say about that.

Actually I’m just fine with it because we always have done well with them.

Yesterday at noon I met Bill McLelland down on Shea and the 101 and he treated me to a Cactus League game. We saw the Giants play the Rockies. Barry Bonds jacked one out and it ended in a 3-3 tie (they played 10 innings but I guess they cap it at 10 innings to save the pitchers. It is, after all, Spring Training). $3 to park, $10 for two salads, $3 for sunscreen and $2.50 for water. Most important stat: bought six beers for $7 each (includes tip), three for me, three for Bill. Beautiful day, 9,731 in attendance. Enjoyed myself and relaxed. Got home at five and stopped at the office to pick up the new issue (May).

Not happy with the cover. Seems too retro. May back out of the cover process for a while. Not sure if I’m directing efforts to the best effect.

Today, Mike Melrose and I treated all the people who worked Festival of the West to a free lunch at Rawhide ($165 trade, plus $30 cash tip). Fun talking to the crew and debating a new special issue we’re thinking of doing. Good feedback all around.

Sometimes I get tired of the same old gloom and doom headlines in the paper. Here are several headlines I’d like to read in today’s paper:

• Blame for 9/11 Rests Entirely On Janet Jackson

• Israelis Stop Teen Wearing Bomb Belt: Re-Arm Him With Patriot Missile, He Goes Home And Takes Out Terrorists Who Sent Him

• Bill Will Divert Indian Gambling Proceeds to Local Magazine Publisher

"Winners are those people who make a habit of doing the things losers are uncomfortable doing."
—Ed Foreman

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