Friday, March 19, 2004

March 19, 2004
Big day today. Major editorial pow-wow this morning with contributing editors from all over the country coming in to discuss the True West editorial product over the next three years. Paul Hutton is coming, Johnny Boggs, Marshall Trimble and others.

At noon I’ve got to run down to Festival of the West to tape a new batch of True West Moments for the Westerns channel. Wrote up another two this morning and plan to wing ‘em on the fly.

Dinner party this evening at Bob Willis’ home, hosting the Western Writers of American who are in town for the Festival.

Got a new poll up. You can vote by clicking right here:

When did the Old West era end?
• Following the Battle of Wounded Knee
• 1900
• 1920
• The start of World War I

Stayed up and watched the U of A lose to Seton Hall in the first round last night. What a life lesson: the Wildcats had the best high school point guard in the country (last year), Mustafa Shakur; incredibly gifted athletes like Iguodala and Hassan Adams, and they still didn’t win. Here’s why:

“You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have the talent to use it, forget it. Character and teamwork will win over talent every time.”
—Lucky Bonner

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