Thursday, December 16, 2004

December 16, 2004
Finished my editorial at ten (David Milch makes the point that our upset over the swearing in Deadwood has more to do with the Hays Code, than with history, and he has a point), switched gears to execute three scratchboards. Finished Philip Schneider’s Dual Visage, utilizing a great photo of Ohio steelworkers taken about 1900. Grimy faces, big burly guys with dirty beards. Split the boy down the middle, with the Big Bully on the left and the innocent mining angel on the right.

Went home for lunch and got Buddy and art reference for Wyatt Earp holding off the O’Rourke mob single-handedly. Got back into the office at one, had to close the door with Buddy in my office because Samanth had her new puppy Sadie up front and I knew that if Buddy had the chance he would want to see if the little critter would fit in his mouth ("What puppy? I haven't got a puppy in my mouth."). Got on with artwork, and attacked an overview of Charleston with Millville across the San Pedro and Schnieder confronting O’Rourke at the corner of Stilwell’s corral. Sort of an aerial view. Got some cool effects. The reason I brought Buddy Boze Hatkiller up to the office is we’re boarding him while we’re gone so he won’t eat the tv, or the dining room table. The boarding woman came at 2:30 and we got the big twit out the door without any mishaps.

Kathy and I are taking off at 5:30 to go up the hill to Flag. Bringing Tomcat back for Christmas vacation. Also dropping True West magazines off at Quality Inn to put in every room.

Finally read Henry Beck’s cover story on Deadwood and it’s quite strong. He’s a very good writer. Proud to have him in the magazine.

Went over final layout design for Classic Gunfights with Meghan. Need to go to the bank, make a deposit, then go home and pack warm.

“If you chase two hares at the same time, you will catch neither of them.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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