Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December 1, 2004
Got up at 5:30, drank coffee. Really cold out, dogs wanted to run, Kathy egging me on to take them for a bike ride. Too wimpy. Started a fire in studio stove, stayed close. Quite chilly out (under 30 degrees).

Went into the office a eight. Immediately started working on holes to fill in CGII. Had a manager’s meeting at 8:30. Got some good things done. Felt good.

Came home for lunch. Took dogs for a bike ride (much warmer at 12:30). Got back to office at 1:20, executive session at 1:30. Excellent ideas from RG on expanding current circ. All agreed. Tough decisions on business matters. Consensus strong. We will not be denied.

Tom Russell, the recording artist, called at about four. I learned about him from Paul Northrop, of El Paso. When I reminded Tom of this he said, "Oh, yes, I remember him. That was two girlfriends ago." Ah, musicians. He came out to True West offices at five. Good talk with him and his lead guitarist Andy, from Austin, Texas. They are appearing at the Cave Creek Coffee Company, or Java, as it's known locally, tonight at eight.

Worked until around six, finished a couple of critical pieces on new book. Left at 6:30, came home, fed dogs, talked to them, "You're dogs! Aren't you? You're dogs!" Went up at seven to Java and met Tom Russell and talked about biz in general. Joel Klasky came up, and I got us two Cabernet wines ($10 cash, plus $1 tip).

Tom Russell told us about a new train trip deal across Canada with song writers, etc. It's called Roots On The Rails, North America's Moving Music Festival. We are going to do a train issue next year and this is perfect for us.

Joel and I had appetizers for dinner ($25 cash, I bought, includes tip). Got home at 9:20. Really late for me, but fun to experience musicians and artist types. Need to do it more often.

“My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.”
—Rodney Dangerfield

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