Sunday, December 26, 2004

December 24, 2004
People who pet dogs live longer. I read this somewhere, some study. If that's true I'm piling on the years. Just got off the half-eaten couch in the outer studio from a petting marathon with Peaches and Buddy Boze Hatkiller. Lots of reciprocal licking from Buddy (it is for some reason beneath Peaches).

Got all my shopping done on Thursday night. Went out and spent about $350 on expensive crap. Cashed two royalty checks and knocked a big hole in a stack of twenties. Went up to Legacy Gallery (Brian Label's new place) and bought a red Hopi necklace for $205 (includes tax). Drove down to Scottsdale Airpark and picked up Deena's framed poster ($180), then stopped at Walgreen's and bought two kinds of perfume ($80-something).

Stayed home all day today, until we went over to Grandma Betty's at about 4:30. Don Radina flew in from Kansas. His sons, Aaron and James drove in from Southern Cal. Debbie Radina brought her new boyfriend Kenny (we weren't allowed to talk about him until now). Brad, Carol, EJ and ‘Cedes Radina motored down from their casa, and Lee was there with his big dualie. Had the traditional meatballs and ham. Opened presents at about nine. Got a cool statuette from a Great Falls Art Gallery, a cornbread maker and other stuff. Got home at 11. Tired. Fell into bed.

"All some men get for Christmas are their wive's relatives."
—Old Vaquero Saying{

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