Friday, December 10, 2004

December 9, 2004
Another busy day. Paul Hutton came into the office at about 8:30 and we re-structured his Deadwood layout, taking out some images and adding others that he liked better.

Got out to Pioneer at about ten, had breakfast ($15 cash, paid for Paul's to boot), then shot video of Dave Daiss, Tate Wilford and another guy as gamblers (faro), drinkers, and on horseback with great gear and guns. Worked until about two on that, then broke for lunch (paid for all six guys, $52, includes tip, biz account).

Then shot Paul doing a Deadwood spiel in the Vic (Victorian House). Paul was great. He's a master at the TV thing. So fluid, never misses a beat. I was quite impressed. Mike Pellegatti didn't like the lighting, so as he struck the set, he struck a chandelier and broke one of the antique glass coverings (three of them spilled to the floor, but only one broke). As Mike went out to his truck, Paul said, "You know it looks unbalanced, let's take two of those down.” So in the process, two more flipped off the rack, went through a Christmas tree, taking out three antique bulbs and breaking two more of the big, glass coverings.

If you saw it in a movie you wouldn't believe it. Glass everywhere, Images of my Christmas going to hell (what will it cost to replace these one-of-a-kind glass chandelier coverings? $1,400?). Walked up to the office like a kid going to the principal's office. The director was in a meeting on the proch and some guy was bitching her out (having been on the board of directors at Pioneer, I knew by the tone of the angst that this wasn't going well for her).

"Hey, Allison, we had an accident and broke a couple chandeliers." She visibly sank. "I'll meet you down there."

Ten minutes later, she came down with the archivist and they looked at the damage. "Oh, these! We have extras of these and you can get them at Home Depot for $12.50." Mike gave her a twenty and so did I.

We broke down (literally) and headed home at 5:30. Stopped by Dave and Doreen's ranchito and had a Coors, came home, typed this up. Got a dinner date at Tonto with Wonderful Russ and Wendy. Got to go. More later.

"I saw it in a movie, and I didn't believe it."
—Big Jim Frenchr

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