Monday, December 20, 2004

December 20, 2004
The prettiest Old West historian on the planet Emailed me today and wished me a happy holiday, adding that her slogan for the new year is: "2005 is when I come alive!"

I Emailed Sherry M. back and told her this beats my proposed slogan: "All lies and jive in 2005!"

Took Tomcat to El Encanto for lunch. We talked about his fave group, The Necronauts doing the soundtrack for our proposed TV pilot (so I get to write off the lunch, $25.50 plus $5 tip, biz account). Tom and I saw Melrose on the road after lunch and thoroughly flipped him off. He slid open the back window of his Ford truck and reciprocated "with prejudice" for a good half-mile. Pulled up to the only stop sign in town and looked over at an old woman in a muddy Chrysler, looking horrified and worried at the insane immaturity of the drivers around her.

So we flipped her off, and peeled out (not really, mom, it’s a joke!)

Speaking of immaturity, for my birthday, Thomas Charles got me an AC/DC CD of them playing live. As we drove down the hill from Flag on Saturday he popped it in the CD player and as the crowd noise swelled up on the soundtrack and that growling signature guitar crunched away in the background, gaining momentum like a hard rock steam engine, T looked at me and said, “A little pre-birthday surprise for the Dad.”

I don't know why but that band just makes me smile. Other than Led Zep I'm not a big metal fan, but "Highway to Hell," "TNT," "Girl's Got Rhythm," "Marry for the Money," and "We've Got Big Balls," is just so infectious and over-the-top-immature, I can't help it.

At two I dropped Thomas off down on the Carefree Highway so he could catch a ride back up the hill. He has a job interview this afternoon and asked me for tips. "Be aggressive but respectful. Look for the openings but don’t waste their time."

On the way back to the office I thought about all of the job interviews I've tubed in my checkered career and I suddenly realized that asking me for job interview advice is like asking Courtney Love for advice on how to remain a virgin.

"A Las Vegas casino has signed Barry Manilow to a $60 million contract. So now when you go to Vegas you can either shoot crap or listen to it."
 —Conan O’Brien

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