Wednesday, December 29, 2004

December 29, 2004
Rained all night. Really came down like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Big storm rolled in from California. Totally socked in today. Flash floods up in Sedona. They had to evacuate the upper canyon. Road closed.

In spite of this, Tomcat and I drove (very carefully) into Phoenix at 10:30 and waded down into the Beast, all the way to Ed Mell's studio at 10th and Oak. Carson and his cousin were there, and we all went to Adrian's at 24th and McDowell for lunch. Had a big, steaming bowl of Caldo de Res (beef soup) and a flour tortilla. Ed bought. Carson took Tomas to the airport shuttle to catch a ride up the hill to Flag ($35, T. paid). In spite of the heavy deluge, the roads are still open all the way up (I hope).

Got back to office at two. Finalized the schedule for CGII book. I basically have four weeks to finish 35 scenes I want to do. Of course, this is ridiculous, I won't do that many, but, if I knuckle down, I'll knock a pretty big hole in it. And if the past fifteen publishing endeavors are any guide, I'll get totally in the zone in the last week, knocking out image after image on autopilot, and when I go back later to see the end product I'll bemoan the fact that I wish all the book looked like those dashed-off-wing-dinged pages. Never fails. Happens every time. Not that I learn from it. I just recognize it: "Oh, it's you, again."

Received an Email from Debbie, of Pam and Debbie's Book Crazy Radio fame. She used to be on the Jones & Boze Radio Show when we broadcast from the Mineshaft, then she and Pam started their own internet network on books and they really seemed to be headed for the bigtime. Then something happened. I'm not sure what. Here's what she has to say:

"I've just finished reading your Christmas blog and realized again how much I miss everyone!

"Life takes strange curves and mine has not been the exception. Pam mentioned she spoke with you but I don't know how much she said. I'm working at the St. Johns Police Department, I own a horse and I'm the varsity cheer coach at the high school.

"I'm having the time of my life and I get to live my mystery books. I am reading a new book that was meant for you and David K. It's called Radio Activity by Bill Fitzhugh. It's about a dead-end DJ stuck in classic rock. The music, album and artist references are great and also the inside scoop on the radio business. I haven't stopped laughing since I started it. It will make you realize all the things you could have had if you stuck to radio. Things like lying, cheating, firing, BS and oh yeah, fame.

“I keep meaning to order True West for the police department and promise to do so right away. One of our officers used to live by you in Cave Creek and come and see the show. It is a small world. His name is Darrell Moerch if it rings any bells.

“Just for reference, my horse broke my pelvic bone, tail bone and hip in one accident. I've just started walking without a walker and will be getting the horse back in a few weeks to try again. This could be the last e-mail you ever get from me.”

"Some defeats are only installments to victory."
—Jacob A. Riis

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