Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March 15, 2005
Warning: semi-naked northern Arizona historians ahead!

I repeat: Do not scroll down unless you have already eaten (and even then there is a chance you'll lose your last meal)!

Several have already looked and have been permanently damaged if not disgusted??? exactly like this missive from Tom Carpenter:

"My eyes! My eyes!"

If you are offended by cheesecake (or in this case, sagging, aging cheesecake), do not proceed!

Several have asked why, and to that I say, "Marshall Trimble is from Ashfork and I'm from Kingman." When told this, a well-known doctor replied, "Oh. I understand."

Shot by John Beckett, this photo is but one of a series. You'll be relieved to know this is the most tasteful photo (as in "less hairy"). When downloading the CD images yesterday, poor Abby Pearson, Sue Lambert and Samantha Somers were stricken with laughter and long eminating "Eeeeeuuuuuuhs!!!" Just be thankful you don't work at True West.

One more warning: They say seeing is believing, and to that I would only add:

???Abby Pearson?

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