Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March 8, 2005
Whipped out another night train study, this one of Papago Station at midnite where Wyatt Earp and his gang flagged down a freight train. I finally get to draw a saguaro! Amazing.

At lunchtime today, Mike Melrose and I delivered True West banners down to Festival of the West (actually Mary Brown's house), then went over to Desert Ridge for lunch at Rockfish ($38, biz account, includes tip, I bought). Then a stop off at Aaron Bros for art supples (mostly watercolor paper at $15 a sheet, $121.85 biz account).

Finished the Seneca book last night. Very inspiring, the life he lived. Not to mention the way he died. Here's the Cliff Notes version of his death, updated for the modern reader:

So, like George Bush sends Michael Moore a letter and asks him to commit suicide for being such a traitor. And Michael ignores the letter and kind of pretends he never received it. So Bush sends Karl Rove to Michigan with a certified letter demanding Michael's death and on the way there, Karl stops off to see Colin Powell and asks him if it's the right thing to do and Colin thinks about it for a minute and finally tells Karl to do his duty. Which is a good thing because Karl was actually in on the plot to off the maker of "Fahrenheit 9•11." So Rowe gets to Michigan but doesn't have the nerve to go to Michael Moore's house, so he sends a gang of Young Republicans to deliver the news. The Young Republican Guards go to the house and Moore's young, second wife answers the door. Michael takes the news bravely, but all around him, the yard men and the union men are wailing and protesting, but Michael tells them he has lived a good life and that he certainly has had plenty to eat and he takes a knife and cuts his arms. The young wife decides she wants to go with him and Michael says, "Whatever," and so she cuts herself in the same way. The only problem is Michael's circulation is so bad he's not bleeding as fast as his pretty wife, so he cuts his ankles and behind his knees (he is so fat his gardner has to utilize a weedwacker to do this last maneuver). Michael finally gets real tired of hearing his young second wife's screaming so he goes in the master bedroom and takes some poison, but he is so big and fat, it doesn't even register. Michael then gets in an oversized bathtub and flicks water on a couple of interns from Michigan State, telling them, "This is my libation from Jupiter." That doesn’t do the trick either, but it does piss off the interns who haul him out back in the snow and throw him in an oversized hot tub where the interns hold him down with car tires until he drowns.
Thanks to Bush, the pretty, second wife's suicide is averted and she served out the second term as his personal trainer.

That's the basic drift, although I have a hard time believing even car tires could hold Michael Moore under water for any length of time.

Tequila contacted me today to tell me the new TV show Cowboy 101 is showing this week on the Outdoor Channel. You can see RG in action.

"I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing."
—Anais Nin

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