Friday, March 18, 2005

March 18, 2005
Big day down at Rawhide for the Festival of the West. Big crowds, sprinkled a bit but otherwise very nice out. I was there from about ten until four and met the following Maniacs:

• Pete Ruh, #993, who quipped, "My Maniac membership is the best Christmas present I ever got."

• Barbara Ray, #177, who is set on getting a dish just so she can see Deadwood.

• Jim Sumpter, #753, he switched from Wild West magazine, and came to the Festival totally based on ads he saw in True West.

• Jim Sylvis, #637, found us on a visit to Tombstone and has been hooked ever since.

• Tia Sylvis, #638, ditto above

• Laura Palmer, #68

• Jeff Coy, #783, originally from Rochester, Minnesota but as Jeff put it, "I’m such a Maniac I moved to Cave Creek to be closer to Bob Boze Bell."

Just what I need, a Maniac stalker.

Writer Leo Banks came by at noon and took me to lunch at the Rawhide Steakhouse. He had a speech in Skull Valley and was on his way home to Tucson. We had a good talk about Arizona Highways (he is a frequent contributor) and book ideas. He's a good writer and a good guy.

Proof that comp mags work; Bob Davis came up to our booth and told me he found a True West two years ago in a hotel room he was staying in in Scottsdale, stole it, got a subscription, just renewed, gives his copy to his brother, who reads it, then the brother gives it to Bob's daughter who is a history teacher, who then uses it in her class. How many people do you think that one comp sub has reached?

I came back to the office at around five, got this blog up and in the process we got a call from Crystal and Brittany down at the Festival that we are supposed to keep the booths open until ten tonight, so I have to go back down and man the place. Going to be a long day, but hey, I get to meet more Maniacs!

"Sticking to it is the genius."
—Thomas Edison

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