Thursday, March 17, 2005

March 17, 2005
I tried to post earlier but it didn't take. Came home to watch the U of A Wildcats in the first round of the NCAA tournament (Cats are down 26-29 at the half to Utah State!). Came out to the studio at halftime to check and see if the blog somehow made it through the blogasphere and landed, but it isn't up. I will now post a new blog and the original posting will probably appear as soon as I post this blog.

Had dinner last night with Paul Hutton and his daughter at the Carefree Conference Resort. Paul is so impressed with the place he may bring the Western Writers of America to the resort next year (see, sometimes comping pays off). Paul's attractive 21 year-old daughter Laura joined us for dinner. We ate in the main dining room. Very nice meal. I had an appetizer and a caesar salad (no warm food). Paul bought.

Meetings all day today. Many of our writers are in town for Festival of the West. Johnny Boggs, Candy Moulton, Leo Banks is coming in tomorrow. Jana Bommersbach and Marshall Trimble also joined us today for a big editorial pow wow. Got some good story ideas for the rest of the year and clear into 2006.

"I must be getting old because nowadays I find I'm more interested in the food I eat than in the girl who serves it."
???John Steinbeckf

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