Monday, March 07, 2005

March 7, 2005
Finished six new art pieces for the Tucson train station shootout this weekend. Really cranking and loose. Finished the last one this morning before I went into work.

Here's a staggering number: according to a blog search-engine (Technorati) 23,000 blogs will be created today, or basically one every three seconds. That's a bunch of blogs, by any stretch of the imagination.

Watched the season premiere of Deadwood last night. Was it just me or was it hard to understand some of the dialogue, especially that stuff with Powers Boothe? I don't think I got a third of what he was ranting about. Loved the sex scenes though. They seemed historically accurate to my memory of them.

Started a new phase on the Spanish driveway. Working now on the entry way, utilizing flat rocks to create a harmony type approach. By the way, in the photo of me in the fringe jacket you can see part of the Spanish driveway.

This morning Joel Klasky and I drove down to the Westin Resort so he could see the Bob Boze Bell suite and we could talk to key people about getting a larger presence in the hotel. Afterwards, Joel and I ate a late breakfast in the hotel at the Nellie Cashman restaurant ($38.50, plus $15 tip for oatmeal and English muffins! And don’t forget decaf coffee)

Stopped by Foothills photo and got eight images developed for the new Wyatt Earp-Frank Stilwell art ($7.80 biz account). Gus has scanned them and is getting them ready to ship down to the Republic tomorrow morning.

At one, Bob and Trish Brink, Carole Glenn and I went over our cash flow. Many timing issues (the more money you make the bigger the cash crunch). I think this is my least favorite aspect of the biz, but thankfully I have some good hands helping me.

"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning."
—J.B. Priestly

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