Wednesday, March 09, 2005

March 9, 2005
Carole and I are conducting one-on-one interviews with the staff and we've asked each person to come up with accomplishments they are proud of in the last year. Here's Crystal Connelley's list:

• I had the biggest issue ever, selling $31,001.20 worth of ad space in the April issue.

• I was able to make it through all the changes with True West without going insane and keeping my job and learning from it.

• I learned how to become a better salesperson.

• I have gotten True West in Texas bigtime. I actually have events people calling and asking for True West to attend them.

• I came up with the idea for sales and production to have meetings, which I think has brought our happy family back together. No divorce talks going on anymore.

• I have won more prizes for ideas of the week. More than anybody else.

• I have met and said good bye to lots of very talented people.

• I have made a career for myself. Thank You Mike Melrose for believing in me.

• I have Bob Brink to learn from and I think that is an accomplishment because not many people get to sit down and listen and learn from a person of his stature and intelligence.

• I have sold accounts that in my mind I thought I would never get, like Lucchese Boots. I like to prove myself wrong.

• My attitude! I work for True West Magazine. THE magazine for the western enthusiast. I’m proud to say I work for True West. I can’t remember me ever saying that about another job I've had.

As for accomplishments of the magazine, Crystal noted:

• The Maniac Club. Thank You RG.

• True West Moments on the Westerns Channel. Huge success thanks to Bob.

• We have a top-notch production team.

• We are still in business after 52 years. That is a major success on it's own

And speaking of our top-notch production team, Abby has designed a really sweet cover for the Jesus Out West issue (June), and if you were a part of the controversy on these pages, you'll be amazed and heartened when you see the final result (subscribers will get this issue in early May, two weeks before it goes on the newsstand). Gus tweaked a bit of the color. And, according to Sue Lambert, who was quite concerned, "it's a winner, and I'm proud of it."

I went home for lunch and got ten flat rocks from the creek and put them in the driveway (this is the unfinished part that leads out to the road). Also worked on the Papago Station painting. Tricky nighttime effects. Been studying John McNeil Whistler's nocturnes. Verdict still out.

"My gift is that I’m not beautiful. My career was never about looks. It’s about health and being in good shape."
—Shirley Maclaine, who also staunchly believes she was Cleopatra in a former life

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