Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November 1, 2006
Man, where has this year gone? Hard to believe we're on the home stretch of another evaporating year. Went home for lunch yesterday and whipped out a sweet little Wild Bill. Did it on a small board from my discard pile, which had a footprint on it (see just above hairline) and a bunch of failed washes (it was originally intended as a landscape, see skyline at top, then as a buffalo). It gives the overall patina a damaged, old photo look which I like. This is for the January issue of Classic Gunfights and illustrates Hickok's last gunfight:

J.D. came down last night and we pounded tin, and put up the roof of the maternity ward on the chicken condo. I've hired J.D. to be my driver next week when we go down to Old Tucson to tape another batch of True West Moments. Jeff Hildebrandt is flying in this weekend for an appearance at the Coolwater Church on Sunday and then we're driving down to Tucson and taping all day Monday with a crew out of the Old Pueblo (we're still going to Wichita next spring). This time out we are answering mostly questions from viewers and we've got a ton to pick from. I'll feature a few of them in the next couple days.

Proofed the final pdfs of the Best of the West Resource Book this morning. Very strong. Going to be a big tradition around here and if you've ever desired to have all the contact info on the best events, craftspeople and artisans in the entire West, this is going to be your cup of tea.

Defeat of the Hawking Feet
"I believe your feet are much larger than Stephen Hawking's."
—Alan Huffines, referring to yesterday's Halloween photo and caption

"If you find a path with no obstacles, if probably doesn't lead anywhere."
—Frank A. Clark

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