Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 5, 2006
Last night Kathy and I picked up Jeff Hildebrandt at the Carefree Conference Resort and we went to Alberto's in Carefree for dinner. Tried to get in at Cartwright's but there was a two hour wait. Same at Tonto, so we ended up at Alberto's, an Italian restaurant. Good food, fun time.

Went over the seventeen scripts. He wants to shoot at least a dozen. Jeff had them printed out and binded. Very professional. Talked quite a bit about Jeff's career, how he ended up at the Westerns Channel, and his recent trip to China where he did his original Cowboy Poetry on the Great Wall. Turns out the genesis of the trip happened because Wichita is a big, private jet manufacturing center, and some bigwigs from China flew in to buy some Lear Jets and the local Chamber took them out to Old Cowtown and had a big bar-b-que and Western hoe down. The Chinese loved the music and the food and invited everyone to China. Jeff said they blew through customs and got the royal tour. Amazing stuff.

Started the '49 Ford and pulled it out onto the Spanish Driveway and let it idle while I washed it good. Eric really fixed the carb and float, which was gummed up with bad gas. Ran like a charm. Too bad, I have to pay for it out of my discretionary account. Ha.

Worked yesterday on the Wild Bill Abilene painting. Tried to go bolder after studying Edward Hopper nighttime paintings. Not sure it works. I'll post my progress on Tuesday when I get back.

Off to Tucson this afternoon and then taping all day at Old Tuscon on Monday.

"While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior."
— Henry C. Link

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