Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8, 2006
Scrambling to finish our January issue. It goes out the door tomorrow and, as usual, I'm hanging out on a couple of points. Wrote up my editorial this morning, went home for lunch, looking for a photo to illustrate it, found a groovy photo of an old Western star (not sure who it is) pulling a gun on a staircase, and came back and totally rewrote the editorial, utilizing the headline: WESTERN TOWNS FIGHT WUSSIFICATION. Meghan had never heard the term "wussy" so she must not read this blog. Put in a small definition and let fly. Here's the photo of the cowboy. I know I should know who he is but I'm drawing a blank. Who is he?

Joel Klasky put out our new sandwich sign which we had printed for the big show this weekend. Here's a photo of it, and that's The True West World Headquarters in the background:

Yesterday I made light of the term "The Talent," as in "Go get The Talent and bring him on set." Evidently, this is a term used on video and film shoots by production crew members, and if you could hear them say it, you would be amazed, as I was, how condescending it sounds. Basically, they say it like, "Get the boom mike and bring it here." To them "The Talent" is a prop, a tool, a thing, and it's quite unsettling to artist types (of which I am one) to realize that to them you are an item to light and get in frame. Nothing more. Ha.

Speaking of Talent, Henry Beck has a great interview with the widow of Sheb Wooley in the January issue. Sheb, who was in Rawhide, High Noon, etc. was a funny Sooner. Let's end with one of his quotes about his home state:

"Oklahoma was so desolate that the only entertainment was to cut a hole in your pocket and play with yourself."
—Sheb Wooley

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