Thursday, November 23, 2006

November 23, 2006
I have a whole bunch to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, including two dogs who are so excited about receiving new playthings. That would be the ten chickens that J.D. and I brought down to their new roost last night. Buddy was down playing with dog friends at Bruce and Sheila’s house, and when they brought him home he sauntered into the breezeway and his snout went right to the roof (the chicken house is on the other side of my studio at least thirty yards away, and he could smell them. Amazing). So he runs out there in the dark and starts to bark at his new playthings, the chickens. And bark. And bark. For a half hour. Then he comes back to the patio, rests up for about an hour, then runs over there again and barks for another half hour. Proving once again that everyday is Thanksgiving Day to a dog.

We’ve got a new poll up: What is your favorite museum in the West?

Sherry Monahan tells me that Nicole Cox interviewed her for her new show on Sirius radio:

Fred Imus' Doublewide, Double-Fried Turkey Day Bash
"Plug in the deep fryer and pop the top off that longneck bottle, Fred Imus is cookin' up a Doublewide, Double-Fried Turkey Day Bash just for Outlaw Country...and you're invited! So get the in-laws and the kids all ready, and send them to Aunt Susie's for Thanksgiving Weekend, 'cuz Fred is serving up a special plate of Thanksgiving poems and stories with extra helpings of Country Gravy, and it ain't gonna be G Rated."

The show will be rebroadcast: Sat., Nov. 25th @ 6 am-10 am ET; Sun., Nov. 26th @ 10 am-2 pm ET; Mon., Nov. 27th @ midnight-4 am ET.

A longtime Old Pueblo resident has this to say about the Body Shop strip club:

“Good God, I haven't heard that name for years. Was that the one just outside the main gate of Davis Monthan Air Force Base on Craycroft Road? If so I was probably there drinking when you were playing. Those years are a might hazy right now.”
—Kevin Mulkins

Yes, that would be the one. We played right on the bar and the girls came out and danced there as well. The only stripper I remember is “Big D” as in D-cup. She was a big girl, or as they say in Iowa, “corn fed.” In his eulogy to his sister, Charlie doesn’t mention that when he left us, we had to do several nights as a threesome and one horrible night as a duo: a bass player and drummer! We got $15 a night for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. One night I was studying backstage (actually on a staircase leading to the top of the bar) for a humanities test and Big D came by and said, “What are you reading?” And I was embarrassed by the book (Homer’s The Odyssey ) and tried to soft shoe the title lest she think I was putting on airs, and she finally coaxed the title out of me and said with some pride, “Oh, yeh, I read that story in Classic Comics.”

Charlie claims quitting the band at this critical junction saved his life, but what about the bandmembers he left behind? I think Henry Ward Beecher might have something to say about this:

"He who is false to present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and will find the flaw when he may have forgotten its cause."
—Henry Ward Beecher

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