Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16, 2006
Dammit, forgot today is trash day. Was supposed to take out the garbage, but drove off without thinking. And I had two chances. On my way to work I ran across Buddy Boze Hatkiller romping around the horse arena up the street. Got him in the truck and drove him home, admonishing him all the way about what a lousy dog he is and he just looked at me with those New York eyes that say, "Fa-get about it."

More fire studies for the Top Secret Project. Yesterday I did a series of images with ruddy light, given off by a distant fire, then closer up. Here are those efforts:

This morning I worked on a sequence where the fire closes in and a certain rider is reduced to drastic measures.

Carole's taking me lunch (I'm on that damned Bisbee Budget and can't afford nada).

Robert Ray salvaged all of the files off my old computer and put it on a disc. Thanks Roberto!

"Most stress is caused by people who overestimate the importance of their problems."
—Michael LeBoeuf

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