Friday, January 12, 2007

January 12, 2007
Looks like snow. Denver is getting another dose. Just got off the phone with Jeff Hildebrandt at the Westerns Channel and he says not even salt on the roads is working now. Once or twice a week I get Emails from Westerns Channel fans asking me to start running this program or stop running that. I faithfully forward them to Jeff. Earlier this week Jeff Emailed me to tell me that True West Moments ran a total of 3,696 times in 2006, an average of ten times a day. Jeff added a postscript: "No wonder viewers think you run this place."

Doggedly working on transition panels for the Top Secret Project. Monday is the deadline for the rough prototype and I'm scrambling to make sure it tracks. As these thiings tend to do, everything is going sideways and expanding and it's a full time gig just trying to keep it from slip-sliding away (to paraphrase Paul Simon).

Yesterday at 11:30, Carole Brown Radina came by with her brother Richard and his wife Joette from Great Falls, Montana. After a tour of the True West offices, we met Kathy at Tonto Bar & Grill for lunch. Sat out on the patio. It was a beautiful day. We picked up the tab ($98 house account) because Richard and Joette put me up back in 1996 when my mother and I got snowed in at a Charlie Russell show in Great Falls.

Speaking of the house account, we put $500 in savings two days ago, so evidently the Bisbee Budget is working on some level. Now if I could only get Kathy to stop buying custom boots and taking frivolous trips to Dirt Clod Destinations. No. wait. That's me!

Onion Headline de Jour
Awkward Tension Mistaken For Sexual Tension

"One of the advantages of growing really old is you don't give a damn anymore."
—Sir George Martin, 80, legendary Beatles producer

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