Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24, 2007
Kathy got a text message from the kids in Puerto Rico saying, "We believe that if both of you were here, mom would give this experience a 10 and dad would give it a 10.1." This is a humorous reference to our Mexico trip. Whenever Kathy would rate a particular experience ("Okay, this is an eight.") I would give my rating a point higher—"I'm at an 8.1," just to act like I had to beat her on experiences. This became a running joke.

The Best of 3,000
Feeling insecure about all of this effort. My biggest fear is that I've got a whole bunch of nothing. Some of this insecurity is typical of the process, but I don't feel very confident today. I'm also stressed, trying to get Classic Gunfights done and several commercial projects finished and the magazine goes out the door tomorrow and I have a speech tonight in Wickenburg. And the Top Secret Project prototype is due in two weeks.

Let's start out with some watermelon breasts to get me in a better mood (below, left). I like that! I also like the Garth Jax guy at bottom, right. He was drawn sideways, so the bridge of his nose has a prominence I don't think I would have given him otherwise. On the right are more Wham suspects. I didn't choose this page but Mark Boardman did so I included it:

Here's more Wham studies, this time of Buffalo Soldiers in the fight. Nice washes, Kathy especially likes the top center dude. It is subtle and effective. On the right is a good selection of images, with the Colt cross section at top, a Kansas cowtown in center and another sexy gal at bottom, center. And no, this is not the stripper's roommate I knew from the Doll House on Speedway Blvd. I know it looks like her, but it isn't her. The posterior isn't quite right. She was chunkier. Slightly.

Here's a page of ecstacy expressions for a story idea ("The First 147 Loves of A Soiled Dove"). Once again, Mark Boardman picked this page. I didn't particularly like the finished results but he did. On the right is a sweet gesture drawing of a nude. No, this is not the crazy gal with the Corvair who lived with the twins who worked at the Doll House in Tucson. It looks like her, but no, different woman all together. The breasts are about right, or at least the one you can see. I can't speak for the other one.

Onion Headline de Jour
Eight-Grader Hasn't Missed A '69 Joke Opportunity All Year

I talked with Wyatt Earp expert Jeff Morey yesterday and I asked him how he enjoyed the 125th Celebration in Tombstone and he said, "Is it me just geting older or is that town getting sadder?" I told him I imagined it is a combination of both and he added:

"Even the drunks look drunker."
—Jeff Morey

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