Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007
It's Thomas Charles birthday today. He's 24 and is in Puerto Rico with Deena, who is working there giving financial presentations. His mother and I called him this morning and sang into the cell phone how much we dig him.

Big board meeting yesterday. Went well. In meetings all day. Way behind on this issue's Classic Gunfights which features Jeff Milton's shootout at Fairbanks on the San Pedro. Gus Emailed his map and we got it last night. Scrambling today to round up the art. Issue goes out the door Thursday.

The Best of 3,000
Continuing my tour of the best sketches in the last four sketchbooks, here is a nice little batch of illustrations spanning disparate subjects (left). Pulling off a wet swim cap has a nice quick effective look, and I especially like the Victorian lady with her head in her hands. Moody and it works. Below right, is a hodgepodge of Southwest color that I like and yes, for all you Doper Roper fans that's the Heatwave Cafe in the upper part.

Kathy really liked the horse (below, left) even though the anatomy is somewhat off, and I like the flluidity of the bartender at the bottom. Some pages are just sexy and this is one of them (below, right). Several of the women are studies of Klimt women, but they are loose and I think quite evocative. And no, the woman with the bow, bottom, is not the stripper I once "knew" in Tucson who worked at the Doll House in the summer of 1968. It's just not her.

Here's several faces of Wham Robbery suspects. Unfortunately, one of them looks more like Wyatt Earp than a Wham guy. On the other side of Bloody Run (the canyon where the Wham Robbery took place) were the Buffalo Soldiers and studies of them and the mules that pulled their cargo appear on the right. Mark Boardman commented on this page as one of his favorites

Onion Headline de Jour
'Tony's Law' Would Require Marijuana Users To Inform Interested Neighbors

"The best students are those who never quite believe their professors."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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