Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 17, 2007
Still streamlining for the final push on the Top Secret Project. Too much of nothing is my biggest fear at this point. Need to focus it down to the bare essentials. Managed to execute three panels yesterday. Decent.

Also whipped out two pages of outhouse sketches for True West Moments. This morning I went through the four sketchbooks and earmarked my favorite pages. I've asked Mark Boardman and Kathy to mark their faves. I may ask several others to contribute. I'm going down into the Beast tomorrow and I might have Dan Harshberger and Ed Mell weigh in as well. I'll post the top 30 pages as soon as I get them tabulated. Then we'll all vote on the ten best.

More later.

Onion Headline de Jour
Sex Life Embelleshed During Doctor Visit

"The primary purpose of goal-setting is to pull change in the direction you have chosen—one which fits your expertise and overall plan."
—Jim Tunney

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