Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31, 2007 Bonus Blog
Here's the 1959 photo of my Norsky relatives at Santa Claus, Arizona. We had just finished having breakfast at this little cafe on north highway 93, between Kingman and Chloride, and my father stepped back from my grandparent's '56 Ford which they drove out from Iowa in, and took this photo. That's Lippo and Annie Asmus at left, Minnie (with flower bonnet) and Carl (with hand to hat), my mother and me (looking pretty damned Western). Everyone has passed except for me and my mother. Thanks Donna Lande for sending me this classic family photo!

The Best of 3,000
When we got back from Mexico in December I did a cliff scene of Divisidero that I remembered and it's pretty strong (the variations in the sky are the quilting from the paper caused by the washes), and at right are studies done from Dutch Masters (executed long before seeing the Rembrandt Show):

I talked to Bob Ware of Kingman yesterday about mules. He gave me some good inside info on the much maligned equines, and here are two pages of mules. That's Jeff Milton in upper right (of left page).

I have been studying rico (rich) carriages for a set scene in the Top Secret Project and here's that page (below, left) and another patina study also for the TSP:

Even more rain. It's pouring at the moment (11:27 A.M.) at the True West offices. We just went over several design submissions for consideration. We, being Robert Ray, Abby Pearson and Meghan Saar. We brought in Carole Compton Glenn and Joel Klasky for a "civilian" vote and came to a consensus on the best cover, best editorial layout and best postcard design for 2006.

Onion Headline de Jour
Local Pet Store Sells Living Things To Just Anyone Off The Street

"Literature's Eternal Rule: "You must have the artistry to tell your own stories as if they were other people's stories, and to tell other people's stories as if they were your own."
—Orphan Pamuk

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