Saturday, March 01, 2008

March 1, 2008
High chicken drama here today. Got home last night and went out to check on the budding roosters and there they were, doing the kung fu, cock-fighting deal, talon sabers slashing, blood coming out of eyes, with all three males attacking each other in a round robin, tag team cock-off. It was painfully obvious two of them were going to die, and die soon. So Kathy and I went out this morning with the idea of giving two of them a fighting chance to escape and live a new life in the trees. Leashed the dogs and let the first two roosters loose. Unfortunately, big ol' loveable Bea-52 also took the shot at an escape route and Buddy, his eyes bulging out of his head, lunged, breaking his leash clean in two. Ol' Bea got about fifteen steps and Buddy nailed her to the ground. We pulled him off, but she was already gone.

The two roosters fared a little better but they too died on the run, which seemed a tad more humane than having them peck each other's eyes out.

By the way, the woman who gave the Silkies to us told me that if it turned out we had more than one rooster to call her and she would find homes for them. I called her last week and got no return call. We also called the neighbors to see if they wanted a barn rooster, but, no takers. Brutal stuff anyway you slice it.

If you ask me, the world is more like a hen house than we'd like to admit. And if you don't believe me, check out those roosters going at it in the Middle East.

"Well, ain't you the cock o' the walk."
—Rockin' Robin

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