Monday, March 03, 2008

March 3, 2008
Well, well, well. Blogger finally gets its image posts together. A full week later, here's the image of Katelyn, the helpful checkout girl at Office Max who extracted my memory disc and installed it in my "Easy Share" camera. I picked it up, turned it on and shot a photo of her:

Meanwhile, backing up to catch up on the sketchbook efforts, here's February 22 sketches, with a concentration on something I call:

Amber Glow

What is it about the soft, amber glow of lights inside a dark wood cabin, with blue snow surrounding it? A snuggle factor that really trips my trigger. And does that amber glow extend to campfire scenes?

Oh, I think so. Here's a couple more:

And how might that apply, scene for scene in the graphic novel?

Somehow, in the red and black color scheme, the amber glow loses its, well, glow. Needs more work.

Sometimes I fret about working so much on this stuff at home, but then I remember the words of Eleanor Clift:

"Work is therapy for home and home is therapy for work."
—Eleanor Clift

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