Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Well, stop the Google presses, or should that be, stop the Google gushing? While I praised getting the Brazen Bill Brazelton bio off the web for free, when I began to incorporate the copy into the layout this afternoon, I started to notice little problems. At first glance, the facts were all there as I remembered them, but as I started going through the piece, little tidbits started to nag at me. For instance, on the website, it says that Brazelton's stage coach robbery at Point of Mountain (south of Marana, where present day Rillito is today) was written up in the Tucson Citizen by the "reporter" John Clum. Wait a minute, John Clum was more than a reporter, he owned the Citizen, which, by the way, he was publishing in Florence, not Tucson at the time of the robbery (today, of course, it's called the Tucson Citizen but if you didn't know you would assume, and you would be wrong). So even the name of the paper is wrong. How do I know this? Because I called Neil Carmony in Tucson and he read me the news reports. One of the Brazelton robbery dates is off as well. Ouch!

This is the dark side of the web. If you don't know enough about a subject, it can really bite you in the pants.

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