Monday, March 03, 2008

March 3, 2008 Bonus Bonus Exits Blog Post
Here's an Exits Exit update. Mike Torres drove to Kingman to practive with the Kingman boys this weekend. He called me this morning and said it went really well. Speaking of Mike. . .

Friend-o Mine
"In the interest of hirsute happiness...will the Bardem/Chigurh hairstyle be required for all who attend the Exits Exit show? It just seems so right."
—Mark Boardman

Funny you should mention this. During the entire movie (No Country For Old Men) I kept noticing that Bardem looks uncannily like Mike Torres from that era. In fact I'll have to run a photo of the two of them. Talk about Separated at Birth!

Well, here you go. This is circa 1971, after a gig at an ASU fraternity:

Left to right: Mike Chigurh Torres, Danny Philips, Terry Townsend, BBB and Steve Peroni. Here's a closeup on that Chigurh do:

See what I mean? I have to admit, that in the movie, it kind of took the starch out of Bardem's character, because I kept thinking of Mike, one of the sweetest cats you'll ever meet.

"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons."
—Woody Allen

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