Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, 2008
Came in early this morning to work on the Top Secret Project with Robert Ray. Rescanned my owl painting (may have ruined it with some pink tweaks this morning):

Tweaked About Tweaked Owl

Worked on the two-page ad layout for the upcoming 24-page-excerpt (running in May issue, and going to press a week from today). Put in two finished pieces of art: "The 10th Cavalry Campsite Sentry" and the owl close-up. Only need 15 more images like these by next week. Ah, deadlines. Speaking of which, got this feedback:

Tenth Cav Campsite Sentry Comments
"I found myself looking at this picture for a long time. Of course I can't 'see your vision' but I can see a lot in this slice of time. Security, loneliness, evening chill, smell of animals, smell of smoke, hint of danger, scratch of a wool shirt. I'm short on artistic credentials (and money) for sure, but I would pay money for that picture. It may not be your vision you're getting out of your head but I think it's damn good!"
—Larry Murphy

"The painting is okay, so longs as it is late [1888 or later]. I never show neckerchiefs on cavalryman out of principle, not suggesting they did not wear them. Ditto with the shirt, and again not to suggest that they didn't go in shirtsleeves, they did, but again using a dark blue captures John Ford, if that is what you are after then great. Boots look fine Having owned and worn several pair of gauntlets, I have never seen one white and couldn't imagine a soldier on picket wearing them in any case.
—Col. Alan C. Huffines

"Bob, this painting is one of your finest. Why do you think it is unfinished at this point? It seems fine, rich with detail and mood, depth and perspective, what more is there to do? Or maybe you were referring to the Owl Project or the Mickey Free project or some other project and not referring to this painting? At any rate, do more of this flavor -- it has real soul far beyond the quick pieces you've been doing (which are not slouches but I'm just sayin'). Sometimes quality is more important than quantity....."
—Lee Geecee

Actually the problem, for me, is not with the painting, it's how long it took me to do that painting (I spent the better part of four days on this one scene!). Somewhere, between the quick sketches and the finished paintings is the narrative I need and time is running out. I need to find the key to this if it's the last thing I do.

Gee, I wonder if my good friend up in Kaycee, Wyoming has anything to add to this?

“Hey, good owl. I like that one.”
—Julie Smith

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