Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, 2008
Came in the office early to finish up work here and to do a strong session with Robert Ray on the Top Secret Project layout. We're taking off at noon for Kingman and the Exits Exit weekend.

Last night, I couldn't resist and did five more sketches of Mrs. Klotch Meets Mr. Clutch. This is how I remember her looking (upper left):

Okay, that's enough of that. Man, I get on a tangent and it consumes me. If I could stay focused for a day, I could be in the movie biz, if I could stay focused for a week, I could take over Arizona. If I could stay focused for twenty minutes I'd have a clean desk.

Meanwhile, let's catch up on correspondence:

"I read where your working on a Illinois project and me being a Illinois boy I was curious what it was."

P.S. I am out in my pasture searching for a long lost Wyatt Earp diary - I'm sure it's here somewhere under all this horseshit. Ha!

I'm doing a book cover for a certain university in your state. They are being quite secretive, or I would tell you and show you the sketches. The finish is due next Wednesday and I'll hopefully be able to share then.

Base Praise From A Pro Bassman
"I don't know how many of Bob Boze Bell's readers/ movie viewers are aware that in addition to his excellent artwork, story-telling ability, and sense of humor, that he is truly a good musician, singer, and showman.

"After rehearsing and playing bass with Bob these past few weeks, I realized that I'd forgotten just how good he was! It's been great playing the old Stone's cover's for that portion of the Exits- Exits concert.

"As I get older, I appreciate the Stones more and more. In some weird way, they give me hope.

"That's right folks your, Boze can still beat the skins like Charlie Watts, and sing like Mick Jagger ( and yes I do think that Mick sings)

"This may be a dichotomy for some of you. A western aficionado with rock-and- roll roots. For me it's OK. It makes life more interesting when I run into people with eclectic interests.( But then I food- combine)

"I'm glad for this experience, because,now I'm a true fan of the diary and I am now learning something new -- western history.

"Sometimes it's fun to travel on long -forgotten paths."
— Steve Paroni"'EL Paron"

"Bad Bob: I'm just a dumb cowboy, that being said I'm not sure you are looking at this sketch book thing the right way! For a guy who owns as realy cool western magazine, you would think unseen sketches by Fred Remington would be magazine GOLD!!!!!! If I owned that magazine not only would help them, I would make sure I'm the first one that gets to publish them. As one of your subscribers, I realy would love to see them and hear the stort behind the sketch book even if its not real. Remember this is Freddy Remington we are talking about here, could be a historic thing. Keep an open mind and remember the public would love it if they ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!

"Wait! I thought I was real cool! But after reading yesterday's Blog I'm not so sure. I didn't know we were dealing with a con! I've learned the hard way you CAN'T TRUST A CON. I now think you were so right in not trusting this guy. But it would be cool if they did turn out to be real, YOU CAN"T TRUST A CON!!!!!!!!!!"
—Roger French

"History matters, but the best novels boast a kind of truth that even the best history books can never claim."
—Jill Lepore, in The New Yorker

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