Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11, 2008
Big storm blew in last night. Really great clouds, big and dramatic, lots of lightning and thunder, and then rain. Dogs cowering everywhere. I couldn't help but think about what it would be like to be in a cavalry column and getting caught in one of these in the old days. I'm sure it happened all the time to soldiers, cowboys and Apaches.

Speaking of Apaches, I'm noodling an Apache maiden (or is she a Mexican witch?) who appears in the ruins of an abandoned hacienda, wearing a loose robe, which she opens, flashing glimpses of her shapely body underneath. Some said she was a toothless hag while others described her as beautiful:

Perhaps she was both.

Custer is going to be in the sequel of "Night at the Museum." The second film is going to be called: "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian." General George Armstrong Custer will be played by Bill Hader. Al Capone and Napoleon are also scheduled to appear. The first flick made $574 million worldwide. Amazing. I thought it was quite mediocre.

Kathy and I are driving up to Flagstaff this weekend so I can practice hiking at high altitude (Flag is at 7,000 feet), in preparation for our trip to Peru to see my son next month. He is, of course, at 11,000 feet so I have to work up to it. I'm looking forward to the cool mountain air in Flag and all those beautiful pine trees.

"If trees could scream do you think we would be so cavalier as to cutting them down?"
—Jack Handey

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