Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July 2, 2008
Another enlightening day at cardio rehab. Talked with Susie who rode a recumbent cycle next to mine. Her story: she was eating lunch with her husband at Gandini's Mexican food restaurant and had a spicy dish (she doesn't remember what) and iced tea. When she got up to leave she felt odd. She thought nothing of it, but her husband drove her to Scottsdale North. Doctors examined her and discovered her narrow arteries. She didn't require stents at that time (five years ago) but it scared her into doing regular workouts. She's 57.

Made a pot of pinto beans last night. Combined them with Mad Coyote Joe's fresh made salsa and it was heavenly. Pintos are quite healthy (without the heavy salt though).

The Lizard Vs. The Palace In The Mile High City
“That picture of the bar, it's not the Palace, it's a bar that used to be called the Lizard right across the street from the Prescott Courier. Spent a few nights there in the late 90's. Not sure what it's real name was back in the day. I could be wrong though, but it sure looks like my old watering hole.”
—Rich Waters

“I read your Blog yesterday and your request for help to determine the location of that B&W photo. I too think it’s the Palace Bar in Prescott.

“The attached picture is of the Palace Bar in Prescott. From the photograph the woodwork on the bar and ceiling treatment seem to match that of your photograph. I hope this is of some help. For what it’s worth that’s my grey hat on the bar.

“I took the photo on April 25, 2007 when I was on a solo tour of some towns in Arizona in search of a bit of Virgil Earp’s spirit and my own soul.”
—Scott. R. Kirkman RPA

“I’ve always thought it is the Palace Saloon in Prescott. Check it out with Junior Bonner. In the flick they had a big fight scene there. I’m sure I remember Ida Lupino standing on that staircase and telling Robert Preston he can go to Australia or hell but without her. Seems like the last time I was there the area past the cornice had booths and pool tables and a dance floor. The cornice sort of divided the bar from the pool table area, kind of a dance floor. Also, i’m sure the stamped tin ceiling was still there. I remember we ran a postcard of the Palace in one Ask The Marshall columns and made mention of the unsanitary towels hanging from the bar.”
—Gus Walker

Yes, Meghan asked me what those things hanging on the side of the bar were, and I told her those were mustache towels, for all the beer drinking mustache wearers to clean their whiskers after each drink. Yikes! Talk about sanitary napkins!

We had our first staff meeting in several months today in the conference room. Robert Ray video-taped it and we're going to try and get a snippet of it on here a little later today.

Still noodling the sepia washes:

Did these last night. Quite mysterious and cryptic. Angling towards something:

"You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is contained in one phrase: make use of suffering."
- Henri-Frédéric Amiel

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