Monday, July 07, 2008

July 7, 2008
Kathy, E.J. and 'Cedes really did a number on my studio yesterday and Saturday. We dredged up so much crap it's not even funny. Of course, mixed in with all the crap are some real gems, like this old Nevada travel magazine from 1953:

Really appealing cover. Makes me want to go camp out at Yucca Flat, where this mini-nuclear explosion was detonated for the public's amusement. The upper left photo (below) shows picnic tables set up about a half mile away from ground zero:

And what I want to know is, who in these photos is still alive?

We also found some classic Classic Rock images from my days on the Jones & Boze Show, KSLX, 100.7 FM. The top photo was taken in May, 1990 and shows Jeanne Sedello, David K. BBB (no mustache) and Gordon Smith planning our next show.

The bottom photo (above) shows Gordon, Jeanne and I at the Mill Avenue Street Fair. M signature outfit at the time was cowboy boots and jammies.

Did some decent sketches over the long Fourth Weekend:

Got focused on a duststorm layout, poached from a photo in the paper and the storm we had on Friday night. E.J., Cedes and I got up in the crow's nest on Friday night and watched the fireworks up at Harold's Cave Creek Corral. It was storming with heavy winds and we questioned the safety of setting off fireworks in that wind, but no one heard us.

More storms and a punked out skater from the eighties.

"Before his imperfect sources, the historian is powerless: 'He must take what they choose to tell, the broken fragments, and the scattered ruins of evidence.'"
—Mr. Godwin

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