Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008
Two days of rain, the desert is soaked. Next come the bugs.

Been noodling big clouds. Gus Walker reminded me these suckers are more like 50,000 feet tall, not 1,500:

Speaking of tall renderings, I love this quote: "Oh, lordy," Jon Cooper, Obama's campaign chairman, is quoted as having said, upon viewing the New Yorker cartoon featuring the presidential candidate in Muslim garb giving a "terrorist-fist bump" with his wife, Michelle, who's decked out in a raging afro and an AK-47 over her back, as an American flag burns in the fireplace beneath a portrait of Osama bin Laden. "I think I have a pretty good send of humor and I think I'm pretty fair-minded, but this is just beyond the pale. It's not funny."

Well, maybe not funny to him. To me, it is hilarious and brilliant on two levels: if you think it's not funny, you are either a lunatic (if you think the portrayal is true) or humor impaired. Of course, humor is so subjective. As someone put it (Carl Reiner?), "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Humor is when you fall into an open sewer, and die."

"To the fool, he who speaks wisdom will sound foolish."

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