Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4, 2008
Windy last night during the local fireworks up at Harold's Cave Creek Corral. I was concerned about fire danger but everything is still here this morning. Peaches hid in the garage. She hates all those explosions (note to self: do not send Peaches to Iraq).

Last night I got an amazing phenom forwarded to me from Steve Sederwall:

"Just saw a news report that you were on. Cool! Here is the link:"

Check it out. Evidently there is this groundswell of support for, well, me. I had no clue.

Going over to Grandma Betty's in an hour for a July Fourth celebration. Made some chicken, high grain spaghetti. Man, I'm getting healthy. It's disgusting, really.

Did some very strong sketches today. I'll post them later.

"the only struggle worthy of man's unceasing sacrifice±the struggle to be free."
—Lyndon Baines Johnson

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