Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008
I was really impacted by the thunderheads I saw last weekend, driving up to Flag. We basically drove right under the canopy of a huge, many miles wide ceiling of blue, while the fluffy clouds built straight up:

Here's another crack at it:

North of our house, the flat-bottomed clouds march across Sugarloaf Butte almost every day. Not quite right, but the essence of the marching clouds is there. Need to develop it more:

Kathy and I are flying to Albuquerque tomorrow. I'm speaking in Professor Paul Hutton's class on Friday and then Kathy and I are going to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. Speaking of The Top Secret Writer:

Hutton's Big Circle Jerk
BBB: In regards to your old fart buddy in cardio rehab referencing The Life of Riley TV show that you found so pathetic as well as reflective on our own even more pathetic situation. The guy is absolutely US--even though he had the name of the show wrong he was of course referencing the great William Bendix early TV series, which in turn was based on a film and stage play--all based on Southwestern writer Harvy Fergusson's most successful novel. Fergusson, you will recall, wrote beautifully on Billy the Kid. Ahh, the great circle of life. PH

Actually a good point Paul. And, for the record, the guy in cardio rehab didn't misremember the name of the TV show, I did. Gee, I wonder what George has to say about all this?

"By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth."
—George Carlin

Ha. I'll be back Sunday. That's why I posted this extra little dittie.

"None of us knows what is ahead. The important thing is to use today wisely and well, and face tomorrow eagerly and cheerfully and with the certainty that we shall be equal to what it brings."
—Channing Pollock

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