Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009
Had a very good art weekend. As previously mentioned, I upped my daily sketch regimen to 10. On Saturday I poached from various Old West photos and the print poster for Fort Apache:

I especially like the black and white renderings at the bottom of the poster. I also worked small on a series of cloud bank images:

Learning how to work wet into wet, or at least experimenting with the technique. On Sunday I tried a sepia wash background experiment for graphic novel narration:

And, I also found time to work on the big Billy. Need to finish that and ship it to Ruidoso to the museum in the next two weeks.

At three, Kathy and I drove over to Grandma Betty's for Mother's Day and I made pancakes for the girls. Laughed, drank champagne and laid on the floor to massage my neck (too much painting, ha.).

Stayed up last night way past my bedtime reading my 1999 daytimer notes. Really a stressful time: my father's probate was complicated and controversial (step children, need I say more), Lew and Tara sold the Mineshaft and our radio home was shut down and my partner decided to go sell computers, and the True West purchase kept going away and coming back (one partner in, another tied up in divorce court) and virtually everyone I talked to told me not to buy the magazine.

Can't believe we made it to here. Had trouble going to sleep.

"Let sleeping dogs lie. They lie about everything anyway."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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