Sunday, May 03, 2009

May 3, 2009
Had Deena and Frank out for a pre-B-Day dinner last night. Made salmon and Frank made himself a steak.

Worked most of the weekend on cliff scenes for the Mickey Free Graphic Novel. Painted myself into a corner (onto a ledge?) on four of them and got stuck with critical art needed for all four. Examples tomorrow.

I've been thinking about Letterman's Old West parody and think it needs an injection of Western cornpone zane. Maybe I'm too close to it, but I thought I'd take a stab at contributing some free range examples for Dave:

Free Range Examples For Bob B.B. Boberson:

[BBBB holds up a bottle of clear liquid and takes a big swig:] "This here is mescal de pechuga and it's great for getting muy inteligencia.

[stares forlornly into camera for two beats]:

"I'm not some redneck bristling against the European welfare state. No, I'm a cowboy whose just a little bit smarter than a cow."

"I can remain silent for very long time. I'm capable of immense love but never mentioning it and capable also of resentments. I'm also happier looking at the horizon with a big kettle of pinto beans, perkin' right along behind me." [takes a protracted swig]

"I think Flying Saucers are intimately connected to ancient British myths like King Arthur, but I'm opposed to universal healthcare."

"In the history of batteries, the lithium ion has been around a relatively short period, and I'm hopin' it will eventually get enough mileage to cure my pard's range anxiety."

"A civil union with my pard? In Iowa? I'm sorry, that's all gurgle and no guts. But then a cowchip is paradise to a fly."

"What part of Buckshot-to-the-midsection-means buryin' don't you understand!?"

"I bought ah 'Lonely Otter' online a couple moons back, but them digital collectibles leave me kindah empty, but then if yer cows tend to have more'n one calf at a time, hey, easy money."

"Sorry, but when it comes to ecological thought, cowboys are selfish creatures because 'true greenness' requires self-sacrifice, not eating much meat, not buying anything unnecessary. And I'm all about that last one."

"Let's talk about methane gas and cattle. A man kin learn ah heap of things if he keeps his ears washed and knows how to get online."

"In the history of alternative energy, it's easier to stand the smell of mescal than listen to it.

"When it comes to graftin' a hedge fund on top of an insurance company it's trickier'n braidin' a mule's tale. If it's properly regulated. The braidin', that is. You see, the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 prohibited commercial banks from sparkin' an investment banker. I'm sorry, but if a man apologizes when there ain't no need, he knows somethin' you don't."

A smart grid surely will add to our energy efficiency, but as I like to say, admire a big grid—saddle a small one. Or, put another way, a mule is merely the bastard child of a jackass.

Sometimes you'll find a heap of thread on a mighty small spool and if you don't believe me go ask Mickey Rooney. Or, Andy. Either one."

"Lonesome makes friends of strangers. Just ask Elliot Spitzer."

"The Lilly Ledbetter Act extends the period of a discrimination claim, but really, if yer lookin' at the danger end of a scattergun, you might oughtah pull in your horns."

"Lonesome creates diseases that HMOs don't cover either."

"My pursuits are a joke [because] the universe is a joke. One has to reflect the universe faithfully."
—John Michell, British author who just died

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