Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009
On Saturday Kathy and I drove up to the White Mountains to meet Wayne and Marilyn Rutschman at their "cabin" near Show Low. I put quote marks on cabin because it is closer to a ski lodge than a mere cabin. Really a stunning structure, tucked into the pines and with great views. Had a grand time, good food and wine. Talked late into the night about a close friend, Rick, who ended his life in 1970. Compared notes: all of us share a bit of guilt that we could have saved him (my wife, the therapist assures me this happens to everyone who loses a close friend).

Came back on Sunday and really studied the clouds. The Rim Country is famous for it's big, summer sweepers:

Hit rain at Chistopher Creek and as we dropped down to Payson, the big thunderheads rolled right over the top of us. Came home and did this study of overhead clouds:

From Thunderheads To Cloud Heads

And added these 10 sketches of cloud heads:

Yes, there are heads, actually faces, in each cloud study, some quite subtle, others rendered with a sledgehammer. Ha.

"What courage to make sketches."
—Edgar Degas

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