Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 5, 2009
Sometimes my work is the opposite of tough. Spent most of last Friday up at a photo shoot at the Carefree Conference Resort dealing with attractive models. Special thanks to Rex Wood for getting us the very upscale facillity for our photo session.

Ever sit around and wonder what a fashion shoot look like from the back side? Well, wonder no more. We're working on a feature that we're running in a couple months on a very cool retro line of shirts by Miller (The old Miller Stockman brand). The shirts have to look very neat and trim for publication and sometimes this involves clips in the back:

Then when everything is in place and the models are put in position, it all comes together:

Thanks to digital photography, John Beckett shows everyone the results. This is such an amazing step for anyone who has shot film and waited for hours or even days to see the results. Amazing.

Thanks to the team behind the scenes which included Sheri Riley and Abby Goodrich:

And Trish Brink (at left, below), who ramrodded the models when their belts looked funny:

And, by the way, it's Trish's B-Day today and we're having sub sandiches at 11:30 in the conference room. Meanwhile, back at the shoot, Trish's fiddling paid off when we got to the final setup:

Our photogrpaher, John Beckett and his partner and stylist, Julie, really know their business (although Abby doesn't look so sure):

"That's a wrap."
—Every art director who ever worked a photo shoot with me

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