Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009
Last week I wrote up a Plugged In commentary on the new movie about the Kingman Motel, called Management, starring Steve Zahn and Jennifer Anniston. The short piece ran in last Sunday's Arizona Republic and yesterday I received a nice little packet of old photos from my cousin Taplou (Duncan) Weir.

Someone in our family (perhaps my mom) walked all the way around the front of Al Bell's Flying A on Route 66 and took a series of photos documenting the front of the old school gas station:

I can't remember ever seeing these, but they are great. They appear to be from about 1955 or 56. I was the kid who iced those jugs for free and I worked for tips. Here is a close up of the photo that shows the Kingman Motel next door:

Where the trees are in the center and the parked car in the background, that is the Kingman Motel.

Thanks Taplou! I'll run some of the other photos later.

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