Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009
Fun trip to Nogales, Sonora today. Drove to the Tombstone Livery Stable outside of Tombstone at 8:30 and had breakfast. Talked to the Vendetta Ride guys and gals at eight, and inspired them on their ride to Cochise's Stronghold, then Deena and Tommy and I took off for Nogales. Passed Mickey Free's kidnapping site (west of Patagonia) and landed at the border at about 9:30. Parked ($4 a day) and walked across the line. Obregon Street was all torn up (replacing overhead electrical with underground). Many curios places closed. Have never seen so many "se rente" signs in my lifetime of frequenting Nogales. Bought a statuette of a cock-fighting vaquero for $30 (asking price $65). Rented a cab to take us around and show us the sites ($15 plus $5 tip because the cab driver said he hated the Cowboys. Ha. True). Requested a side trip to Canal Street (the scene of many a Nogo U trip when I was in college). It's all gone! The only club, still a club, that I recognized is La Conga. The rest are gone. Why? According to our cab driver, the Maquiladores (huge American factories exploiting cheap labor) wiped them out. The factories paid better. Hey, Mr. Michael Moore, how about this aspect of capitalism, for your documentary "Capitalism: A Love Story"? The prostitutes who worked on Canal Street got paid better at the Maquiladores than for the pimps. Now that's a happy ending ( but"Not literally a Happy Ending," T. Charles quipped).

Had lunch at La Roca. Great food and great time. We've been going to this venerable establishment for over 30 years. And before La Roca, we frequented La Cavernas before it burned up.

Got back to Bisbee at five. Last night in the great mining town. Horseback ride out to the Curly Bill vs. Wyatt Earp site in the morning.

"Controversy equalizes fools and wise men, and the fools know it."
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

You are never given a wish without also being given the
power to make it come true.
- Richard Bach

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