Saturday, October 03, 2009

October 2, 3009
Here's a research problem that you were born to answer: Martha Summerhays, in her classic remembrances Vanished Arizona, tells the story of coming into the Arizona Theater of War with her soldier husband and as they land at Yuma, after a boat trip from San Francisco around Cabo San Lucas up into the Gulf of Cortez, she comments about the soldiers and wives coming out of Arizona and "going into the States."

Here is the priceless part: "The women's clothes looked ridiculously old-fashioned and I wondered if I should look that way when my time came to leave Arizona." Okay, I want to illustrate this. In 1874, if Martha was up to the minute stylish and the military wives were two years, or so, behind the times, what would their clothing or hair pieces looks like? Come on, I know you know this. Thanks.


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