Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009
We've got a breaking story on the Mattie Earp gravesite, but first we need to catch up on a few items:

News From The Front Lines
Mark Boardman's cover story in our March issue is still getting response. This came in today from a friend of Carole Glenn's:

"Ha! After your Alamo edition, I had to go BACK to San Antonio to walk off the actual layout of the mission that includes the post office to the north, and the wax museum to the west. I didn't know it was that large until I saw that map in TW. I didn't even tell you about that. Love that mag!"
—LG, Tyler Texas

College Exams
Got this from a certain professor of history who you may know as The Top Secret Writer. Here is an actual question on a recent test in his history class:

18. Benjamin Franklin’s colonial publication that expressed this homespun philosophy:

a. Common Sense
b. The Federalist Papers
c. True West
d. Poor Richard’s Almanac

Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday In Valdosta, Georgia?
In 1991 I met a dead ringer for Billy the Kid in Lincoln, New Mexico. His name is William Cox and I paid him to pose for me. Many of the images in my book are drawn from his poses. Today, Billy Cox lives in Georgia. Here is a recent newspaper story on Billy

I Can't Believe I Actually Drew It
Here's a blast from the past out of my sketchbooks:

"When the housewife of 2000 cleans house she simply turns the
 hose on everything. Why not? Furniture, rugs, draperies, 
unscratchable floors—all are made of synthetic fabric or 
waterproof plastic. After the water has run down a drain in 
the middle of the floor, she turns on a blast of hot air and
 dries everything.
—Waldemarr Kaempffert, Popular Mechanics, 1950

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