Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009
Spent a couple hours at the Overland Gallery yesterday to meet and greet the art patrons. A couple came from Tucson for the show, and several were from Georgia, who are in town for the Cowboy Artist's show which opened the night before. One of them told me he spent $150,000 for three paintings at the opening. He said it like it was a Happy Meal purchase. I tell you, these guys play in another league, Man. Four artists, myself included, posed for a photo at the end of the day. I'll post that this coming week.

Went down to the creek this morning and delivered Tom Augherton's cloud painting. He told me about a mountain lion attack on a javelina last night. The javelina was filleted. Sure enough, as Peaches and I went on our morning walk, there were the barely recognizable remains of the desert pig, stewing in the morning sun.

A Discouraging Post Script On The 10,000 Bad Drawings Quest
I confess I didn't take a sketchbook with me on our Mexican Food Border Tour last week. It was a vacation, I assured myself. And it was kind of nice to not have the responsibility of dragging it around everywhere. But, the bad news is my daily sketching habit sure went to zero fast. I feel somewhat like an alcoholic who falls off the wagon. I did the quest to get the discipline to sketch and draw every day, and I succeeded for four years. I often found myself coming home from True West at six at night, looking forward to a glass of wine on the patio, only to realize I hadn't done my six sketches. I would force myself to do the sketches before I would treat myself: and this made me feel successful. So much of success is predicated on delayed gratification it's not even funny. But, here I sit on a Sunday with zero sketches, contemplating a nap. Ha.

Kathy calls it "Nap Thirty."

"Is it nap-thirty?"
—Kathy Radina

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