Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eight New True West Moments In The Can

June 2, 2011

Worked all day in Lincoln, N.M. on new segments of True West Moments. A six man crew out of San Antonio. Several of the segments quite ambitious, including the Kid's escape from the burning McSween house and the Kid's escape from the Lincoln Courthouse.

Managed to get eight in the can. Hope to get eight more tomorrow, then a race back home, although I heard tonight there is a big fire at Alpine, AZ and that's on my route home.

Ran into Drew Gomber giving a tour at the Tunstall Store, while we were there shooting a True West Moment on the killing of Sheriff Brady. That was a train wreck, but it was great to see Drew. He's a good guy.

Spent most of the afternoon in the Lincoln Courthouse taping the escape, a segment on the famous photo (they have a life size blow up of the iconic photo in one of the rooms). Did find a mistake in the displays. They claim Tom Pickett died at Stinking Springs. I mentioned this error to the ranger and he said very few people catch this and they've been trying to correct it for months.

Murray Arrowsmith, another ranger, told me to go visit his wife in their store, called Arrowsmiths, because she sells 200 of my Billy books a year and would I like to go sign some of them and I said, "How Bowdy!"

"Boy Howdy!"
—Altus Dislexia Chamberhead

Had dinner with Jeff, Jen and Patsy, three of the crew at the Ellis Store. Homemade gazpacho and p;ork loings. Very good meal.


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