Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Late Nite Lincoln Rain Storm

June 1, 2011

Went down to the Ellis Store at eight this evening to meet the film crew and the producer, Jeff Hildebrandt, to go over shooting scripts for tomorrow. A very ambitious schedule. I wrote 20 scripts for a two day shoot. Made a couple corrections and additions, planned a few shots and came back to my abode. Started raining at nine, then harder, then harder still. Hail, or at least it sounded like hail on our tin roof. Still raining twenty minutes later. Could be dicy for shooting tomorrow morning.

Film crews hate weather (it's why they prefer to shoot on sound stages) because it really messes up everything. Still, one of the segments we are filming tomorrow is the shooting of Sheriff Brady in Lincoln after a night of heavy rain (the lawmen picked their way around the bogs in the morning). That might be sweet, says "the talent."

Film crews can sometimes be snobby. More than once I have been referred to as "the talent," as in, "Get the talent on the set." Uh, my name is Bob and I'm standing right here. Didn't make jack difference. The camera guy didn't even want to know my name. And the way he said "talent" it drained any positive meaning from the word, like he was really saying, "get a slab of deer meat on that table so we can shoot this and go home."

"Get the talent on his mark so we can shoot this and go home."

—what he actually said

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