Monday, June 27, 2011

Exclusive Video of Billy the Kid Photo Auction

June 27, 2011

Ken Amorosano has been editing our video footage of the Brian Lebel Old West Auction since 5 this morning. As you probably know by now, the Billy the Kid photo went for a record $2 million (with buyer's premium it comes to $2.3 million). As you watch this exclusive video, notice how quickly the price goes above the one million mark. Also notice how the excitement level visibly goes sky high when the price approaches the $2 mil mark.

Brian Lebel's Auction Exclusive Video

The auctioneer even sounds excited. Truly a historic moment.

"As long as you're smiling, there's still more money to be made. Keep on truckin'"
—The Brian Lebel Billy Auctioneer, when the bids hit $1.4 mil

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